This Week in 1935: 30 December – 5 January

A few choice news stories that appeared in The Times this week in 1935…

30 December – 5 January

This week was one of excitement on many levels. Under a blanket of drizzle and set in, what had been so far, a mild winter, The Times celebrated its 150th birthday. The paper was filled with anecdotes by old journalists and tributes to the history of the prestigious paper. Selfridges opened its doors to the New Year sales, reporting a boom in trade in spite of the economic downturn. In Lewes and Thame parishioners of the Southease Church were delighted to discover a medieval wall painting hidden under layers of white-wash. But perhaps the most unusual story of excitement was headlined, ‘Ice-Cream for the Nation.’ The fifth National Dairy and Ice Cream Exhibition opened at Olympia. According to the reports in the middle of Empire Hall there was a ‘cascade of “milk” flowing down an illuminated staircase between grassy borders. [It] makes a striking centrepiece for the whole exhibition.’ And what was being exhibited in this Willy Wonka-type backdrop…the new electric powered milk delivery vans. The future of milk delivery!


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