Diary of a Housemaid #2

Jan DofHM

January 1935:

This month always proves to be one of the most difficult in the year. Without the anticipation of Christmas and the warmth of the sun just a distant memory, long hours of work in the cold dark corridors are monotonous and dull. It doesn’t help that the family are away in London and that they have taken some of the servants with them. The corridors are empty. My footsteps echo off the stone floors. Sometimes it sounds as though I have eight feet rather than two, or that I have a whole army of housemaids following at my heel. I wish there was, I don’t like big empty houses. I am used to my small over-crowded cottage in Chevington.

At least Florence and Miss Stringer are still here. Miss Stringer is the head housemaid. She is in control of us junior housemaids when Miss Edgeley is away in London and she does her best to keep our spirits up. Once she even managed to encourage the kitchen staff to bake the housemaids our own cake! It was a delicious sponge with jam and icing! The cooks said they appreciated the opportunity to practice a new recipe for when the family return in the Spring but I think they felt sorry for us. Work in the kitchens is very tough but at least it is warm.

Rose Bailey


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