This Week in 1935: 20-26 January

A few choice news stories that appeared in The Times this week in 1935…

20-26 January:

With heavy snow on the ground and a lunar eclipse in the sky the news turned a little wild. At a proposal before the Court of Common Council the Lord Mayor discussed the possibility of building an airport in the City of London. Though this might not seem extraordinary to us today members of the council in 1935 thought the Lord Mayor’s proposal was absurd. A news story that made me smile centred on a government scheme to reduce the level of poverty that was introduced in the 1930s where unemployment centres provided the poor with allotments so they could breed rabbits. This week the British Rabbit Council issued a general call for assistance as they were finding it hard to provide enough rabbits to the unemployed stating that, ‘gifts of live rabbits suitable for breeding will be welcomed by the BRC through the honorary secretary, Mr. C. O. Sayers , 47 Wandle St, Morden, Surrey.’ How successful this appeal was I do not know.


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