Diary of a Housemaid #3

Feb DofHM pic

February 1935:

It has been snowing for four days now. The whole estate is engulfed in a white blanket of ice. It may be cold, but, my goodness, it is beautiful!

Yesterday afternoon some of the younger servants were given permission to venture out and enjoy the snow. The party included me, Florence, Harry, John and Millie, a new scullery maid. We wrapped up in as many layers as we could manage without falling over and stepped out into the cold. Jim, the odd man, made us a sledge from an old door, and John brought his pair of skates. The grand expedition took us past the church, through the walled garden, towards the Fairy Lake. The slope that leads from the church to the garden was so slippery that we thought it best to continue on the door-sledge. We all huddled together and Harry gave us a push to start moving. A brilliant idea to begin with and we did arrive at the chosen destination, but only after we crashed into a huge pile of snow and were scattered about like woollen rag dolls. We then took turns wearing John’s skates, for the Fairy Lake had iced over nicely. Harry, being Harry, skated on the ice in his boots and kept falling over. I saw him this morning and he looked ever so achy. I should imagine he is covered in bruises but I suppose that is the price to pay for such a moment of fun.

Rose Bailey


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