This Week in 1935: 24 February – 2 March

A few choice news stories that appeared in The Times this week in 1935…

24 February – 2 March

Heavy snow falls in the north of England and again the papers are filled with stories of intrigue and wonder. Perhaps the biggest mystery of the week was the case of ‘Legs on a Train’. Under this headline readers of The Times heard how a bag had been found in a third-class carriage at Waterloo Station. Inside the bag was a pair of man’s legs. It was not known who they belonged to and the investigations carried on for the rest of the month.

That was not the only humorous headline used in the week. An article titled ‘Cyclists Upset by a Policeman’s Shout’ reported how two Oxford students had been fined 2s 6d for both riding a bicycle at the same time and an editorial headlined ‘Fairy Rings: Fiction and Fungus’ went into a lengthy report on the history and science of mushrooms and fairy tales.


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