Living History Storyline for Saturday 26th April

This Saturday (26th April) the basement of Ickworth House will spring to life again with 1930s servants scurrying along the myriad of corridors and cooks baking delicious dishes in the kitchen. The theme for this week is ‘East Anglian Dishes’.


26 April: East Anglian Dishes:

Weather on this day in 1935: Cool, windy, bright intervals.


Lord Bristol owned acres of farmland in Suffolk, Lincolnshire and Essex. Much of the business of the estate was in farming. With the arrival of Spring the whole estate is waking up; lambs are being born, the pesky park deer are eating the spring wheat in the fields, and the gamekeepers are starting to rear game for the next season.

A few days have passed since the junior servants attended the Easter dance in the village and gossip is still flowing. Has a housemaid met a young man? Did the footman drink a little too much that night and is he still suffering from the effects? All the junior staff who attended are in trouble with the housekeeper as they arrived back late, waking everyone up in the process.


Conversation ideas:

The Dance: the junior staff could discuss the music / dancing / boys / girls / the footman getting drunk / they are late back because they got lost in the park on the way home.

This storyline is based on the experiences of Mrs Brunning: ‘we got lost in the park once didn’t we? When it was foggy we did didn’t we? In the night…I was scared to go through the park by meself anyway…your father-in-law, he used to ride with me through the park after that.’


The Senior Servants [the Butler]: on the 4th May 1935 Lord Bristol attended the Royal Academy of Arts banquet in London. This annual event opened the exhibition and was held at Burlington House. The butler could be preparing to travel to London with Lord Bristol, making sure his best suit of clothes is ready.


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