This Week in 1935: 28th April – 4th May

28 April – 4 May:

This week witnessed the death of Santa Claus. Mr. James F. Martin, a postmaster at a general store in Southern Indiana, died at the age of sixty. He lived in a village called Santa Claus and for 28 years kept alive the faith of thousands of children in the reality of the jolly bearded man in red. Letters written by children to Santa Claus were sent to him at Christmas by knowing parents. He answered every single letter and came to have nationwide celebrity. The correspondent that wrote this report on the death of Santa Claus worried that the magic would soon come to an end and remarked that, ‘there is no one to take his place unless it is the Federal Government. But who but grown-ups will ever believe in a synthetic Santa Claus living in Washington?’

Fiction also became fact in England this week in 1935. An article titled, ‘Dragons for the Zoo’ reported that two dragons were presented to the London Zoo. They were a gift from Lord Moyne who captured them on the Island of Komodo in the Dutch East Indies where he had been studying them in their wild state.


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