This Week in 1935: 12-18 May

12-18 May:

This week Mrs H. B. Tate, MP for Willesden, was adopted as a potential Conservative candidate for the Frome Division of Somerset. The Times noted that, ‘she believed that the time had come when a certain number of women should help represent the population’, and that, ‘she did not believe that women M.P.s should represent only women’s interests or that there was any such thing as women’s questions.’

A news story from this week that made a little less sense was titled, ‘Moth Frenzy’. After an advertisement was issued by the English House Copenhagen Company saying that, ‘Living Moths [were] to be Bought’ there was a frenzy where over 9,000 moths were sent in. 2,000 were delivered in bottles via the postal service. One man telephoned to say that he had caught a dozen moths which he proposed to deliver in a plain van and another offered a settee which he warranted to be full of moths. The advertiser announced that they needed moths for testing a new chemical that was supposed to make all fabrics moth-proof. It would be interesting to know whether it worked – if not that has got to be one of the biggest moth infestations in history.


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