Diary of a Housemaid #6

Diary May

May 1935

George travelled back to Watford and I have not heard anything from him since then. Florence suggested that the postal service might be to blame but I am not too sure. I do not really mind anyway. There is little time to worry about silly things like boys with all the work I have to do around here.

‘Remember, remember, the 24th of May, today it is Empire Day!’ Yes, that day of celebration has finally arrived! I was not sure if the servants at Ickworth would be allowed to join in the annual festivities surrounding Empire Day. It is still, after all, just another day in a working household. When I was at school we were given the day off and would spend it singing songs, playing games, and listening to tales about the daring explorations of great heroes of the Empire. This was always followed by the national anthem, the raising of the flag, and a large picnic provided by the vicar and his family. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Lord and Lady Bristol allowed the staff a glorious spread of food for tea. Although I had to work for most of Empire Day the sausage rolls and pastries made up for it. Cook even made a celebration cake. It was nearly as tall as my hand and she iced a Union Jack on the top. I did not get a slice as by the time it reached my end of the table only crumbs were left, but just the sight of it was enough. What a day!

Rose Bailey


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