Ickworth Lives – May 1935 in Pictures

Spring Celebrations in the basement of Ickworth House:

King George’s Silver Jubilee and Empire Day

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Work as Usual


In the kitchens Mrs. Finkel, the head cook, Lizzie Cole, a kitchen maid, and Ethel Read, the new scullery maid, are busy preparing pastries for the parties that are being held both upstairs and downstairs


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Lord and Lady Bristol have guests arriving and the housemaids are busy preparing the rooms for the visiting servants.

Above: Beatrice cleans the senior servants’ sitting room.

Below: Head Housemaid, Miss Edgeley, observes as Violet dresses the bed for Lord Macclesfield’s valet.


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In the servants’ hall John, the hall boy, polishes the footmen’s shoes and Winifred, a lady from the village who comes in to help on particularly busy days, irons and starches the table linen


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Mr. Prosser, the estate manager, discusses business with the butler and Mrs. Seddons, the housekeeper, welcomes Miss. Petcher, Lady Summerleyton’s ladies maid.

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The house needs to be prepared for the arrival of the Bristol’s guests

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Rose dusts the bust of William Pitt in the west corridor and Mrs. Seddons inspects the housemaids’ work in the Library


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The table ready for tea in the dining room and the card table littered with the evidence of last night’s game

2014-05-24 12.59.32

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Excitement brews in the basement

2014-05-24 11.57.35

Bunting is  draped along the basement corridors

2014-05-24 11.57.52

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2014-05-24 12.46.20

Jim, the odd-man, jokes with Violet

2014-05-24 12.04.52

Rose and Beatrice enjoy a break from work

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Empire Day

2014-05-24 12.00.29

“Hurrah, God Save the King”

2014-05-24 12.05.34

Head Housemaid, Miss Edgeley, might seem strict but she looks after her girls. Rose and Beatrice stand with her under the bunting in the servants’ hall just moments before tea is served

2014-05-24 13.15.28

Hall Boy, John, finds time to write a letter home

2014-05-24 12.09.24

The visiting ladies’ maids gossip over a little light reading

2014-05-24 11.53.50

Just one of the cakes served for tea


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