1 June: Living History Day – Gardener’s Choice

1 June: Gardener’s Choice:

Weather: Cool, windy.

The cooks are making recipes using the best of the seasonal produce grown in the garden. Early in the morning the hall boy was sent down to the gardens to ask what produce would be available, but the gardeners were not quick enough with their reply and Cook has had to improvise with what they provided. Of course it will smell amazing whatever she chooses to make. The house staff are ever so jealous of those who work in the warmth of the kitchens surrounded by all those welcoming aromas.

Lord Bristol often liked to get involved with work in the gardens. Mrs. Brunning, a housemaid, remembers how she saw glimpses of him in the gardens with his wheelbarrow and hoe, digging up thistles or knocking down mole hills. This would have been one of the few, if only, times a junior servant would have seen the Marquis. The image of an aristocrat covered in mud, on his hands and knees in the garden, was not what a housemaid would have expected when she joined Lord Bristol’s domestic staff.


Other glimpses of Lord Bristol:

Mr. Sadler, recalls how the Marquis preferred to ride his bicycle to council meetings rather than taking the motor car. ‘It was a three wheel too…you’d see him going down the hills into Bury like the clappers, he was faster than the cars in those days.’


Other news for conversation topics:

All: It is possible that some characters have family members engaged in farming sugar beet. This week in 1935 was important for these families as all sugar beet producers received their quarterly payment. Perhaps some servants have been invited home to enjoy a celebration meal.


All / Senior Servants’ Sitting Room: the Government introduced a new policy this week in order to reduce the high levels of youth unemployment in the country by encouraging young men to work on the land. The servants could laugh and joke about whether such unruly young men would be allowed to work on the nice ordered estate. What do you think about this government policy? Will it work? If you have any strong opinions perhaps you could consider writing a similar letter to the editor, or express your intentions to do so.



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