This Week in 1935: 2-8 June

2-8 June:

On the 7th June the prime minister, Ramsay Macdonald, retired due to ill health and was replaced by Stanley Baldwin. Below are three news-stories I thought were also worth a mention:

Courage of the War-Blinded – The Prince of Wales attended a Silver Jubilee reunion held at the Royal Albert Hall for the war-blinded men of St. Dunstan’s resident in London and the Home Counties. The Times reported that, ‘throughout the country there are now about 2,000 cases of lost sight as a result of active service in the War (WW1), and practically all of the men are under the care of St. Dunstan’s.’

A Lincoln Ghost – In March a girl was returning from a late dance and saw a figure in white standing under a street lamp. As she approached, the figure, extending at arm’s length the white garment which was being worn, started bowing towards her. She thought it was a ghost and was afraid. The Times reported that when she was seen by the police shortly afterward, ‘she was in a state of absolute terror.’ It turned out that this ghost was a Mr. Arthur Barlow. The 27-year old man was arrested on the 4th of June charged with stealing women’s clothing from the house where he lodged. According to the Chief Constable, Mr. W. S. Hughes, Barlow had been a source of annoyance in the town for some time by appearing in quiet public places dressed in women’s clothes and frightening women and girls. In his statement Barlow claimed that he had, ‘no intention of stealing the clothes, but had only borrowed them to dress up as a woman.’

The Kidnapping at Tacoma – The police-hunt was on for the men who kidnapped poor young George Weyerhaeuser (see previous ‘This Week in 1935’ post). Federal agents suspected that the Karpis gang, who had kidnapped Mr. Bremer, a banker, in the January of 1934, were responsible for the crime. One of the gang, a man named Volney Davis, had been arrested in Chicago and it was hoped that he would be able to throw some light on the case.


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