This Week in 1935: 9-15 June

9-15 June:

A Holiday With Umbrellas – this Monday was Whit-Monday, a public holiday. The Times reported that, ‘the early thunderstorm which broke over London made Whit-Monday holiday-makers hesitate how to spend the day. There was a possibility that the deluge that came at dawn might be followed by further rain, and although at 10 o’clock the sun had broken through the clouds, and the air was pleasantly warm, comparatively few people turned out until a later hour. Most of those who did set out for the country or the coast carried mackintoshes and umbrellas. Groups of hikers at Waterloo and Victoria stations seemed to be the only real optimists.’

Holidays in the Stratosphere – On the 12th of June Professor Roccard, ‘an explorer of the stratosphere’, was present at the Science Museum when the gondola of the balloon in which he made his 10 ½ miles ascent on the 18th of August 1932 was presented to the museum.

Space 1935



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