Diary of a Housemaid #7

Diary June

June 1935

There are guests staying in the house, including Lord Erskine and his family. I always enjoy it when Lord Erskine visits as he insists that dinner should be followed by a savoury course rather than dessert. This throws the kitchen into disarray. I will not repeat the language I heard from the cook when she was first told. He is the son-in-law of Lord and Lady Bristol and his sons who are also visiting all enjoy a game of tennis. I have spent these past three days listening to the sounds of lively tennis matches being played on the South Lawn. Some of the more senior housemaids have been asked to attend these games; serving sandwiches, cakes, and lemonade to the family. I wish I could in.

We have a competition of our very own going on downstairs. A few weeks ago John taught me how to play draughts, a strange game played on a black and white board. A ‘match’ can go on for hours and it is so funny to see the level of concentration that we all put in to it. The two teams are pretty straightforward, it is the hall boy versus the housemaids, and John is winning. I think he has only taught us some of the rules and is keeping handy tips and strategies to himself. Even so, we are determined to win. One day the housemaids will be victorious! Ha, how silly over a game of draughts!

Rose Bailey


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