This Week in 1935: 23-29 June

23 June – 29 June:

A report was laid before the Westminster City Council by the Improvements, Law and Parliamentary, and Traffic and Public Lighting Committee suggesting that a new bridge be built in Charing Cross. The report stated that, ‘additional cross-river facilities will, before many years, have to be provided to meet the needs of the unending growth of London, the more intensive development of the West End, and the eve-increasing number of motor-vehicles.’ How funny to think of the Thames without all the bridges criss-crossing this way and that linking the two sides of London.

And funny again to think of this next story – sometimes I am surprised to find that things I associate with the modern world, and my life, also existed in the past. On the 30th of June the Duchess of York attended the Founder’s Day celebrations at Barnardo’s Girls’ Model Village in Essex. ‘After driving through the village, in which were 1,500 girls and infants, the Duchess of York launched a small balloon bearing a message appealing for funds. Immediately hundreds of similar balloons were released.’ I remember doing something similar as a child. Do you?


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