Living History Day: Sunday 13th July

Summer Puddings:

Weather: Very warm (35.c).


The Family like to spend Sunday afternoons having a picnic by the pond in the walled garden. After the service has been held at the Church they walk to the garden and the staff are working extra hard so the chairs, tables and food are all laid out ready for the Family when they arrive.

The odd-man, footmen and hall boy are busy preparing the hampers that are to be brought to the gardens. The tables and chairs will be carried down by horse and cart, but the hampers will be taken by hand.

For some the morning stresses are easily overcome as they are looking forward to their half-day off. What plans do you have? Perhaps you are visiting nearby family for a picnic of your very own? Maybe a few of you are going into Bury to watch a film? Perhaps you are just looking forward to a lazy walk in the sun, sitting beside the Fairy Lake, getting lost in the hazy shade of the woods?


Ladies-maids and Pot Pourri:

In the summer months ladies-maids would busy themselves making a perfume known as pot pourri. They collected flowers throughout the year and dried them. These would then be rubbed in a deep bowl with Oil of Cloves. All the ingredients would then be layered together, with bay salt between each layer, and placed in rooms to overcome any unwanted smells.

This might be an activity for the ladies-maids today – all you need are dried flowers and dried fruit / or even just a pot pourri mix from a shop and add dried flowers to it.


Recreation for Half-Days:

July film: The Black Room Mystery – starring Marian Marsh – she is the lady on the front cover of the yellow Picturegoer magazine in the Servants’ Hall.


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