This Week in 1935: 7-13 July

7-13 July:

Crime News:

A case of libel was brought against Mr Randolph Churchill in Manchester by Sir Thomas White. Randolph was the son of Winston Churchill. I wonder what he thought of the charge.

In America a gambling barge called the Monte Carlo anchored off the coast of Long Beach, California, was attacked by pirates. Over $22,000 in cash and $10,000 worth of jewels were stolen. The gang boarded the ship early in the morning armed with pistols, rifles, and sawed-off shotguns. They held up the cashier, his wife, and a crew of thirteen. After completing the robbery they fastened the crew to the deck with manacles and locked the cashier with his wife in the safe.

Medical News:

This week it was agreed by the Grand Council of the British Empire Cancer Campaign that all research conducted in the fight against cancer would be coordinated. All the teaching hospitals in London, the medical committee of the London County Council, and a number of specialized hospitals all agreed to take part.

This week also saw a conference on ‘the persisting effects of War neuroses’. It was held at the Hyde Park Hotel and investigated cases of shell shock seventeen years after the Great War.

Miscellaneous News:

An advertisement printed this week warned its readers of a potential anthrax scare. Titled ‘Searching for an Infected Shaving Brush’ it explained how a doctor was searching for the last of twelve shaving brushes that were infected with anthrax after a man died.

On a lighter note this week hosted the London Costers’ Parade. A part of this event was the annual Pony and Donkey Show. Costers from all over the city brought their loyal steads to be judged in Regent’s Park, all hoping that they would win a prize. Mr Frederick Newman’s Old Bill won the prize for the oldest donkey in good condition and Mr Tom Newman’s Mike won the Queen Alexandra’s Challenge Cup for the best donkey in show.


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