A belated This Week in 1935: 14-20 July

Back from a sunny holiday in Northumbria – so here is what happened in the week I missed…

14-20 July:

Drama: An electric cable fused in a manhole between the inner and outer walls of the Tower of London this week in 1935. A sheet of flames shot into the air from the manhole, which was blown up, and the fire brigade was called. A detachment of Coldstream Guards were sent to surround the Crown Jewels and The Times reported that many visitors, ‘regarded the experience as part of the thrill of seeing the sights of London.’

Medicine: The Royal Sanitary Institute Health Congress met this week at Bournemouth. The presidential address was delivered by Mr. F. J. Webb discussing the changing image of family doctors in the public mind. With increasing competition in the provision of a health service there was a growing concern that, ‘a complete revolution in the attitude towards the doctor and the problem of health in general could not long be delayed.’ The NHS was established thirteen years later.

Miscellaneous: This week celebrated the annual Kensington Kitten Club Awards. The best exhibit in show was won by Mrs. M. G. Cook’s Moormead Dinky Boy and the winner of the junior blue female competition was Mrs. A. Bird’s Cheekie Tripper. Other brilliant pedigree pet names included: Silver Jubilee, Theydon Hazel, Basildon Talisman, Silver Dollar, Posey of Croydon, and Piggy.


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