This Week in 1935: 4-10th August

Hatching a Plan: Crime News

This week witnessed a not-so-great train robbery. The loot – registered letters taken from mail bags. It was estimated that £60 had been stolen from the three missing mail bags. Another hustle was debunked this week. The Times called it the Gold Bar Trick. Russian salesman, Morris Grossman, melted down copper, brass and silver into a bar. His accomplice, Percy Marcus, then had a gold bar assayed and melted the two bars together claiming £75 9s 11d. They were caught and received four month’s imprisonment with hard labour for their crime.

Egg-Laying Trials: Miscellaneous News

This week saw the annual county egg-laying trials but this year the rules had changed. Before 1935 the gold cup was offered to the highest-scoring four pens of any one breed but, ‘in view of the increasing mortality in laying trials it has been argued that this form of competition is undesirable.’ The cup was now awarded to the county with the lowest mortality percentage. How lovely!

Saving Mr. Charles Pickens:

A fourteen-year-old girl was commended this week for her bravery in attempting to save her father, Mr. Pickens, from drowning. The girl had been bathing in the sea with her parents and got caught in a current. She managed to pull her mother to safety and stayed with her father until she had nearly exhausted herself. A real Grace Darling of the 1930s.



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