This Week in 1935: 18-24 August

18-24th August:

Carnival Season:

This week in 1935 saw the tenth annual Southend Carnival, raising money for the Southend General Hospital. As was tradition the carnival began with the roasting of an ox on the seafront. The first slice was sold by auction and raised five guineas. A children’s parade, themed ‘Children Throughout the Ages’, a baby show, and a street procession followed. This year also witnessed a new way of illuminating the seafront. Instead of using fairy lights for the occasion floodlights were placed under trees, fountains, arches, and other locations to light up the town.

Voyage in a Bathtub:

The Times printed an unusual story this week in 1935 detailing the adventures of a Swedish man in a bathtub. The man had jumped off a Swedish vessel off the coast of North Queensland, Australia, setting sail in a wooden-bottomed bathtub. He aimed to reach New Guinea, some 50 miles away, in search of gold. He got lost at sea for five days and was eventually recovered and taken to Australia. One word sums up this story in my mind – RANDOM!

Not Forgotten Association:

This association founded by a Miss Marta Cunningham sought to improve the lives of disabled ex-servicemen by providing them with treats. This week in 1935 the Association hosted the fifteenth annual Thames river trip. 130 ex-servicemen who fought in WW1 and were still recovering from their wounds in London hospitals were invited on the steamer, Grand Duchess, sailing from Kingston to Weymouth and back again. High tea was provided, along with ices and sweets, accompanied by ‘humorous piano’ music. An admirable gesture of thanks to those who survived and yet sacrificed their lives on the battlefields.



One thought on “This Week in 1935: 18-24 August

  1. I just loved the article about Southend. I used to work at that hospital and cannot imagine them organising an ox roast. Brilliant idea for future fund raisers though!!!!

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