This Week in 1935: 13-19 October

13-19 October:

BIRTHS AT THE ZOO: this week in 1935 the London Zoo witnessed the birth of a baby ocelot (a jaguar-like wild cat). The keepers had not realised that one of the ocelots was pregnant and found a little ocelot kitten in the enclosure one morning. This birth was of particular interest because it was unusual for ocelots to breed in captivity. Two more babies were also born at the Zoo this week in 1935 – a bison and a Dorcas gazelle.

PATH TO PROGRESS: two announcements were made this week in 1935 that started to pave a way towards the future. The first occurred in Brighton. Plans were released to widen the promenade and road on the Brighton sea front. The scheme was to cost a quarter of a million pounds and led to the Brighton front we know today.

Secondly a new school for the purpose of training professionals was announced. At the 36th anniversary dinner of the British Association of Refrigeration at the Park Lane Hotel Sir Frank Smith suggested that a school of refrigeration should be established at Cambridge where young men could be taught to understand the process of refrigeration. I’m not sure if this actually happened. Since it was the oddity of the article that attracted my attention I don’t suppose it did.

MAN HUNT BY 400 POLICE: Drama, drama, drama! This week in 1935 400 policemen surrounded a mountain cave near Capetown after searching for a young man called De Villiers. He was wanted in connection with shooting three people earlier in the week. Having escaped in a motor-car to the Drakenstein Mountains the man then began his ascent. He left a note in the car informing the police that he had a rifle and 100 rounds of ammunition. The note also pointed out that he was a crack shot and was waiting for them. The police were unable to reach him, as he had, ‘entrenched’, himself, ‘in an almost inaccessible cave high up in the Kloof’.



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