This Week in 1935: 27 Oct – 2 Nov

27 October – 2 November:

GHOULISH WEATHER: this week in 1935 the UK battled against gale-force winds. Gusts of 71 m/p/h were reported in Manchester and counties further north were swamped in a deluge of rain.

A STRANGE DEATH: The Times reported this week in 1935 the death of a professional killer. Albert Stein, a New York gunman who killed a man nicknamed ‘Dutch Schultz’ and ten members of his gang, was found dead in a cheap lodging house in Newark, New Jersey. He was found hanging from a gas fixture in a room full of gas. The article reported that the circumstances suggested suicide but that the New York police believed he was the victim of a ferocious gang war that was going on in the New York underworld. Stein was not a member of a gang. He offered his services as a professional killer to anyone willing to pay.

ALL SOULS’ DAY: this week in 1935 The Times printed a report detailing the story of All Souls’ Day. It told how in the tenth century an abbot of Cluny decided to follow the festival of All Saints on November 1 by a commemoration of All Souls. This observance soon spread and before long All Souls’ Day was recognised in the calendar of the Western Church. The article explained that this day, ‘corresponds so closely with a human need…the instinct which leads us to remember our friends in prayer. We are still united with them in love: we think of them as we believe they do of us, and sometimes their influence upon us is stronger than when they were still in this world.’


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