This Week in 1935: 3-9 November

3 – 9 November:

A ROYAL WEDDING: On the 6th of November the Duke of Gloucester and Lady Alice Montagu-Douglas-Scott were married. Here are some photographs of the stately event:

The bride walks down the aisle


The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester on the balcony



A family portrait


Princess Elizabeth eagerly awaits the married couple as they leave the Palace



WEDDING GIFTS: The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester received many elaborate wedding gifts. These included a set of turquoise and diamond earrings, a diamond tiara, two bow broaches, four chain bracelets, a cluster ring, fancy cluster earrings, and a cluster necklace from Queen Mary to the bride. Others gifts included thirty-eight water-colour paintings, a jewelled evening bag from the Viscount and Viscountess Hampden, a two-handled silver cup from the Cabinet and an antique oak hall chest from the Prime Minister. Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret gave their uncle and his new wife a pair of silver table lighters.



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