The Hall Boy’s Journal: December 1935

The Scullery Girl

I feel sorry for that new girl in the scullery – not that she is that new anymore. She always seems so down at heart, quite quiet and shy. I don’t know her story but maybe I should get to know her more. Perhaps she just needs a friend. She is, after all, the only other servant in this House the same status as me.


My Morning Routine on a Cold December Morning

Woke at half past passed five and started on the servants’ hall. The housemaids have been complaining that the room is too cold in the mornings so I am having to get up even earlier than usual to prepare the fires. They are not rong wrong though! The whole house is awfully cold in the mornings. Why cover the floor in stone? The wooden boards at home might let a draft in but at least they warm up under your feet.

I then sorted the fire in the senior servants’ sitting rooms and in Mr Prosser’s office. They should be warming up nicely now. I popped into the kitchens too and helped Arianna stoke the ovens. She seemed happy to have the help. She’s a nice girl. Shy, but nice. She has no family nearby – well, a brother, but she cannot see him that often. I am lucky I have family and friends so close by.

I then loaded the scuttles with coal for the housemaids to take when they prepare the fires upstairs and then refilled the scuttles and log baskets in the hall and downstairs rooms.

I am now waiting to hear movement in the House. Soon the housemaids will be down in their skivvies to start their morning routines. Next job for me – laying the servants’ table for breakfast and helping Jim and Albert with the boilers. Mornings can be the busiest time of day for us hall boys.




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